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Flipping tires and swinging sledgehammers require training and a spotter, but any dancer can try Cromwell's rope-ladder drills.
Buttonhole needling of haemodialysis arteriovenous fistulae results in less complications and interventions compared to rope-ladder technique.
Cannulating in haemodialysis: Rope-ladder or buttonhole technique?
The rope-ladder technique rotates needle placement and involves systematic cannulation of the entire length of the AVF over several HD sessions, thus allowing healing between sessions.
The standard technique for cannulating fistulas is the rope-ladder technique, which involves cannulating the entire length of the fistula in a different site every time to allow healing of the previous puncture site.
And then there are the pictures: men on rope-ladders collecting edible nests from caves in Sarawak; a female antwren perched on a birder's thumb; a martial eagle commencing duel with a warthog; green parakeets emerging from one of the world's deepest rock sinks; a marabou stork attacking a steppe eagle; while a common raven sitting on a bare bough in a misty wood makes it clear why the bird has long been associated with death and bad tidings.