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The checklist would've ensured that the aircraft was roped off, the aircraft external-power receptacles and fuel-control panels were tagged, and that personnel were briefed.
The "Spirit of a Century" museum is a roped off section of the Polk County Convention Center where visitors can watch videos and signs charting both national and Iowa timelines of CU history.
Her pals at Soho's Maya club had roped off an area for her on Thursday.
AMEMORIAL to452 victims killed when their ship was wrecked off Anglesey has been roped off amid fears it could topple over.
Then in the Vampire Suite the dance floor in the far right corner was also roped off for its VIP guests.
For some reason the kids from the Catholic school of the Holy Family were sent to 'share' our school and even then the playground had to be roped off to keep us apart.
The plastic fence posts that are taped or roped off are usually used to fence-in cattle and could be introduced in mini soccer games in the city as early as next season, according to one local county FA boss.
At our local Asda branch at Minworth a whole row of disabled bays was roped off during the run-up to Christmas for the use of their home delivery vans.
The area was roped off for three days after traces of dangerous E.
When the metal was delivered, Sweet had the pile roped off so it wouldn't get confused with the rest of the casting facilities' metal charge.
Canvas mats from Ultimate Fighting Championship title fights hang from the walls, and big-name fighters who stop by will be asked to sign a giant scale roped off with a metal chain.
Superintendent Sue Frizell Zint says the marble staircase and artwork aren't roped off or in any way physically guarded from the 600 high school students.