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To date, Mimecast has not seen ROPEMAKER exploited in the wild.
Gardiner explains that the origin of ROPEMAKER lies at the intersection of email and Web technologies, more specifically Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) used with HTML.
CSS also allows for the separation of how something is presented and the content that makes up that presentation-a partition that Ropemaker takes advantage of to manipulate what a user sees and interacts with when they open an email.
H2O Urban was advised by Metis Real Estate and Ropemaker was represented by JLL.
The epilogue to The Ropemaker is the prologue to Angel Isle, and having read that award-winning fantasy is the best preparation for what awaits the reader in Angel Isle.
His scheme (prepared for Ropemaker Properties, who generously sponsored the conference) impressively demonstrated the need to create better and more interactive public spaces in a proper town.
Silva, managing director of ropemaker Donaghy's Industries, is angry at the strong government support for the union movement, which is campaigning for a five percent across-the-board wage increase.
In 2002 Peter Dickinson accepted a Michael Printz Honor Award for The Ropemaker (2001), a suspenseful fantasy novel and coming-of-age story with a heroine, Tilja, who must discover her own powers in order to preserve the peace her community has known for a score of generations.
Except that this tent city" lies on an anonymous 200-acre spot of greenery close to the heart of England, and the dormant army will soon materialise not only as sturdy longbowmen but also as Roman centurions, medieval knights and falconers, Tudor yeomen, Georgian fops, sappers from the Somme, the odd cooper, wheelwright, barber-surgeon, ropemaker, ratcatcher and Green Man and happy hordes of equivalently costumed girls and women led by a peripatetic Queen Victoria.
It was a tiny business and the ropemaker was about to retire.
Suetonius credited Marc Antony with the revelation that Augustus's great-grandfather was a freedman ropemaker.
Forget Erasmus -- Thomas Platter was the true Renaissance man: shepherd, mountaineer, beggar, nomad, student, singer, professor of three ancient languages, ropemaker printer schoolteacher headmaster and real-estate tycoon.