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I've been roping since I was about 6 years old,'' said Lopez, who was born in Los Angeles but learned to rope with his father near Guadalajara, Mexico.
Based at Arlington Elementary School in Indianapolis, Indiana, the team of 34 boys and girls unite with other members of the United States Amateur Jump Rope Federation to bring this new world of jump roping to schools and kids like you
During each minute of fast-paced jump roping, a 140-pound person can burn approximately 11 calories, according to the American College of Sports Medicine.
Subtitled ``A Life in Revue,'' the musical celebrates the folksy humorist who learned roping tricks on his father's ranch and became a movie star, radio commentator and newspaper columnist.
Never mind that the then 25-year-old Salisbury had dominated women's roping since she was 13.
The Canyon County resident has already gained national acclaim on the junior rodeo circuit, primarily in barrel racing and team roping.