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GARDEN. A piece of ground appropriated to raising plants and flowers.
     2. A garden is a parcel of a house and passes with it. Br. Feoffm. de terre, 53; 2 Co. 32; Plowd. 171; Co. Litt. 5 b, 56 a, b. But see Moore, 24; Bac. Ab. Grants, I.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Rose fertilizer is applied monthly, and the rose beds are watered and mulched, and her roses seem to thrive in the heat and humidity of a Mississippi summer.
Earlier projects at the garden have included construction of trellises, rose bed borders and a large, arching pergola that will eventually be covered by climbing roses.
I am also starting a rose bed and would like one of my own, too.
In that vision, those homes the middle class finds intolerable for itself have no place for anyone, just as a thistle, which in a meadow is just another plant, becomes a problem only when the meadow has been marked out for a rose bed. The success of such an analysis depends on the historian's ability to remain aloof from others' definitions of "problems" and "solutions."
A: Creamola Wilkins, who started the Anacortes, Washington-based Blue Rose Bed & Breakfast 11 years ago, says one of the first steps is to find out what the zoning requirements are.
We have avoided the use of chemicals in our rose bed. Most of the summer our roses aren't very pretty, but then neither are many of the chemically tended beds.
The first "silver surfers" meeting will take place next week and progress is being made on the WI rose bed which should be in flower for September's Britain in Bloom visit.
In the attractive courtyard there are box hedges, a rose bed and shrub border Behind the house is a landscaped, partwalled cottage garden with lawns, large Indian sandstone raised patio screened by clematis and pleached holm oak with brick edged gravel paths, rose covered archways and box parterre rose beds, herb garden, shrub and herbaceous borders.
"When white lining is carried out we expect it to stay on the road for a long time not end up on someone's rose bed."
SOUTHWELL: 12.50 Rose Bed, 1.20 Benato The Great, 1.50 Takeaway, 2.20 Volcanic Ash, 2.50 BENTLEY (NAP), 3.20 Caramelita, 3.50 Dontpaytheferryman.
I'd try moving the rose bed to a new area before binning it.