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ROSTER. A list of persons who are in their turn to perform certain duties, required of them by law. Tytler, on Courts Mart. 93.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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PAY ROSTERS OTHER GAINS 2.5% * an appropriate mix * mandatory training Increase to wages of experience and including e-learning, and allowances competence to meet is to be done in in January 2016 clinical rostered time and requirements paid of the ward 2.2% * avoidance of * an improvement to increase in rostering that the calculation of January 2017 contribute to unfair leave for theatre workload staff 3.8% * rosters that aim for * theatre staff who Calvary Riverina a work life balance work on call, can pay rates are now that minimises the accrue up to one 3.8% above public fatigue of staff week extra annual sector rates leave every year
This number is rounded down (17 in the example) because it is always preferable for a manager to assign an off-day that was rostered as a workday than to assign a workday that was rostered as an off-day.
The titles of these ministries are varied: deacons and deaconesses, diaconal ministers, associates in ministry; some even lack titles or rostered status.
Crediting of one day would also occur if you were rostered off on this day.
These subclauses explain the allocation of days off and how they are required to be rostered. Effectively, days off should be consecutive (unless there are emergency circumstances that impact on service provision).
I work part time in a public hospital and was rostered two extra shifts in the last pay period, but I have not been paid for them.
The staff who are rostered on 10-hour night duty that night will only be working nine hours instead of the 10 hours.
I am currently preparing rosters for the first weekend in April when daylight saving finishes and I want to know if staff rostered on night duty to work a 10-hour shift will be paid for 11 hours or 10 hours?
I work in the public sector and was rostered to work the afternoon shift and then the morning shift.