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ROSTER. A list of persons who are in their turn to perform certain duties, required of them by law. Tytler, on Courts Mart. 93.

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The award is specific on the rostering requirements in respect to breaks between shifts, and I suggest you and your colleagues read the above clause.
However, around a third did not intend to return, saying poor rostering, dislike of shift work, bullying and unsafe workloads had contributed significantly to their decision to leave the profession.
One respondent stated: "Even though I was perfectly happy with the job itself, the main reason which made me want to have a change was because of the poor rostering.
Left: Good crew rostering - ie, a sequence flights planned without minimum rest periods, but including adequate standby coverage - will greatly help to keep a crew member's roster stable.
The FRMS has the potential to be the single biggest improvement in the management of pilot fatigue and rostering since flight time limitations were introduced," he said.
According to the information sheet that NSW Health has released, it is 'embarking on a four-year rostering program with the aim of streamlining rostering work practices, and developing and implementing an effective rostering system'.
NSWNA Assistant General Secretary Judith Kiejda stated at this COD meeting that the Union had had discussions with NSW Health and she understands this is not a proposal to introduce pattern rostering.
The agreement follows research commissioned by the HNEAHS and the NSWNA, which recommended that processes be built into the new rostering system so nurses can nominate shift preferences.
Canadian-based consulting firm Workforce Edge has been engaged by NSW Health to develop 'a business case to secure funding for a state-wide rostering software to replace legacy systems', according to the company's website (www.
The NSWNA will also look at whether the HNEAHS's criticisms of the current system will be adequately addressed by responsive rostering--a system many nurses fear is pattern rostering by another name.
The number of members who turned up to the Branch meetings to discuss the new rostering system is unprecedented.
Management has told the NSWNA that pattern rostering would give nurses a more predictable work pattern.