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ROSTER. A list of persons who are in their turn to perform certain duties, required of them by law. Tytler, on Courts Mart. 93.

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With a budget of around $29 million a year, it offers players with two or more credited years on NFL rosters a scholarship award to continue their education, health screenings, gym memberships and even free training for players such as Fuller, who haven't given up on making a roster again.
It is the rosters (work shifts) the bus operators do each day that are now being adjusted.
Having now implemented our summer rosters, which are designed to properly align resource with demand, we would expect the need for overtime to reduce, but decisions will always be based on what is best for the customer.
Clause 8 (and specifically Clauses 8.10-8.15) of the Opal Aged Care (NSW) Enterprise Agreement 2016 sets out the consultation mechanism to be used if there is a proposal to introduce a change to the regular roster or ordinary hours of work.
Every member of the footplate staff knew who to come to, usually to complain about their rostered turn of duty.
Rosters are used to notify individuals of building, base and office closings, personnel movements, physical readiness tests, various medical and drug tests and classroom administration functions.
Some research is also focused on integrating these two phases into a single stage to produce either cyclic or non-cyclic rosters [14].
The 243 players born outside the United States came from a pool of 856 players (749 active 25-man roster players and 107 disabled or restricted Major League players) on April 4th rosters and represent 15 countries and territories outside the U.S.
It may just look like just a roster and I should just cope with it if I'm committed to nursing, but really in a long-term point of view, it puts physical and emotional stress on nurses, even just by looking at some of the rosters, without doing it ..."
SMART Doctors Rostering has the same interface as the company's eRostering for nursing staff and is designed to enable medical staffing officers and managers to build rosters quickly and efficiently and reduce the reliance on locums while meeting the European Working Time Directive and maintaining and improving patient care.
"The industrial action has been suspended until July 1 in order to allow time to implement agreed proposals on the summer rosters."