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Other early signs of Alabama Rot include swelling on a dog's lower legs, paws or around the face.
A spokesman for Hafren Veterinary Group in Newtown confirmed the practice had encountered a suspected case of Alabama Rot but was awaiting confirmation.
If you notice something strange about your dog, take them to the vet and ask if it could be Alabama Rot.
When reports first emerged a fortnight ago Filip Jasczczak, a vet at Marske Vets, said he believed Betty had died as a result of catching Alabama Rot.
The first case of Alabama rot in the UK was reported in 2012 and since then a number of dogs have died in North Wales and the south east.
Dotty has since died and is now thought to be the second dog to lose its life to Alabama Rot in the Redcar area this month.
In many other parts of the world, and in most of the published literature, sour rot is a syndrome characterized by decay, oxidation (browning) of the berry skin and the smell of acetic acid (vinegar) emanating from diseased grapes that break down and begin to leak their contents, hence the "sour" designation.
His owner said: "We immediately took him to the emergency vets who admitted him, suspecting that the sore could be a result of Alabama Rot.
David Walker, the UK's leading expert on the condition, from Anderson Moores, said: "Although we are working hard to find out the cause of Alabama Rot, it is currently still unknown, which makes the reappearance of the disease concerning.
The exact cause of Alabama Rot is not known, but it can affect all breeds and ages and can lead to sudden kidney failure.
NSW DPI researcher Steven Simpfendorfer says effective management helped growers reduce the impact of crown rot in winter cereals this season it what were highly conducive conditions for the disease.