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And the holy strength of Helios made her rot away there; wherefore the place is now called Pytho, and men call the lord Apollo by another name, Pythian; because on that spot the power of piercing Helios made the monster rot away.
Those of us who haven't anything rot in the cities.
These data further suggest that ROT kills cells predominantly through OS (17, 35), and that a proper source of NADPH, GSH, and antioxidant functioning enzymes must be warranted for lymphocytes to undergo complete resistance to ROT-induced OS.
Fruit and vine rot of pointed gourd has been reported to cause major loss to the farmers in West Bengal (Khatua and Maiti, 1982) as it appears every year and causes severe damage (Saha et al.
The team examined 172 specimens of frosty pod rot fungus from Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, and other Latin American countries.
Many of his missions are in heritage buildings -- where dry rot can be a major problem - and on Wednesday he was on duty giving the once-over to the 18th Century Holy Trinity Church in Sunderland.
Agency researchers have determined that the surfaces on plums are able to harbor several species of yeast that have potential for use as biological controls against the brown rot disease found on stone fruits.
Foot rot is caused by a synergistic reaction between the organisms Fusobacterium necrophorum, Dichelobactor nodosus and Arcanobacterium pyogenes in the foot.
The scheme was introduced after a ring rot outbreak in England and Wales in 2003 from seed sourced in the Netherlands, has been largely successful at protecting GB seed stocks from both ring rot and dickeya, with 60% of growers certified (by area) under the Safe Haven standards.
Pre Qualification: Procurement of mcm rot mandatory spares Eligibility Criteria : PROCUREMENT OF MCM ROT MANDATORY SPARES Document Purchase Start date : 02 Jul 2019 Document Purchase End date : 16 Jul 2019 Opening date : 16 Jul 2019
Despite being first recognised in the 1980s, Alabama Rot (or Cutaneous Renal and Glomerular Vasculopathy as it is more formally known) is poorly understood.