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ROSTER. A list of persons who are in their turn to perform certain duties, required of them by law. Tytler, on Courts Mart. 93.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Through a Joint effort involving the USAF 725th Air Mobility Squadron (AMS), Louis Burger Air Terminal Service and Air Cargo Facility, 101st CAB Infantry Division (ID), 3rd CAB ID, VMM-261 from Moron Air Base, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), and Naval Station (NAVSTA) Rota, Spain, NAVSUP coordinated movement of 900 containers and 159 aircraft to and from theater, resulting in $60 million in transportation savings.
After stints in European clubs, Rota journeyed to the Philippines to search for his biological mother and try his luck with the Azkals.
'Journeyman Finds Home: The Simone Rota Story' is the search for his roots.
Dana Haidan, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Vodafone Qatar, commented: EeAoOur strong and long-term partnership with ROTA continues to bring our Vodafone Better World CSR program to life - making a positive impact on the lives of young people in Indonesia and around the world.
Sheikha Al Mayassa Bint Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, chairperson of Reach Out to Asia (Rota) delivered a keynote speech highlighting the value of charitable and volunteer work and the importance of what Rota and its volunteers are doing to serve Qatari and Arab society.
Speaking to media before the event, ROTA's Director, Isa Al Mannai, said: "Funds we raised tonight will directly support ROTA's ongoing and future projects in Asia and the Middle East.
"In this case, the junior doctors involved were working hours in excess of their rota, so we are pleased to see that this has been corrected and their rota has been redesigned.
Furthermore, ROTA is to work alongside Qatar Foundation's facilities management directorate who will provide maintenance support to each renovation.
of Calabria, Italy) collaborated with Rota (1932-99) when they were at MIT, edited his philosophical anthologies, and co-edited the proceedings of an international conference dedicated to him.
Dr Shree Datta, chair of the BMA's junior doctor committee, said: "In August last year the Department of Heath declared that rota gap vacancies accounted for only 2 per cent of posts yet, six months on, our survey paints a very different picture.
(7.) Oliveira MI, Rota PA, Curti SP, Figueiredo CA, Afonso AMS, Theobaldo M, et al.