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United; coupled together in interest; shared between two or more persons; not solitary in interest or action but acting together or in unison. A combined, undivided effort or undertaking involving two or more individuals. Produced by or involving the concurring action of two or more; united in or possessing a common relation, action, or interest. To share common rights, duties, and liabilities.

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adj., adv. referring to property, rights or obligations which are united, undivided and shared by two or more persons or entities. Thus, a joint property held by both cannot be effectively transferred unless all owners join in the transaction. If a creditor sues to collect a joint debt, he/she must include all the debtors in the lawsuit, unless the debt is specifically "joint and several," meaning anyone of the debtors may be individually liable. Therefore, care must be taken in drafting deeds, sales agreements, promissory notes, joint venture agreements, and other documents. A joint tenancy is treated specially, since it includes the right of the survivor to get the entire property when the other dies (right of survivorship). (See: joint tenancy, joint and several, joint venture, tenancy in common)

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JOINT. United, not separate; as, joint action, or one which is brought by several persons acting together; joint bond, a bond given by two or more obligors.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(b) Fluctuations caused by the rotary joint (left) introduce some nonuniformity in fluorescence intensity recording which in this case shows a spike at 150 degrees.
Since the influence of gravity has been considered in the design of the 2nd-stage targeting device by using symmetrical magnetic pins with the rotary joints at the middle, the moment due to gravity on the magnetic pin can be balanced.
Comparing the return loss for our clinical monopoles (i.e., antenna_1 and antenna_2,) to those of the straight, bent, and rotary joint enabled monopoles demonstrates negligible performance changes, indicating that the use of the right angle-bent monopole in conjunction with the rotary joint is acceptable for this miniaturized microwave-imaging investigation.
SX rotary joints feature engineered reliability and performance, according to this 12-page brochure.
Carbon bearings require a running clearance between the bearing and the rotary joint sleeve.
For frequency separation two triplexers are required, one before and one after the rotary joint. This results in disadvantages, including a 9 to 11 dB loss at crossover and a 1 to 2 dB in-band insertion loss and high cascaded SWR ripple effects.
New Yorker Electronics is franchise distributor of Exxelia Magnetics (ex-Microspire), part of Exxelia Group, and supplies its full line of Film, Mica, Tantalum, Aluminum Electrolytics and Ceramic Capacitors as well as its EMI/RFI Filters, Magnetics, Position Sensors, Slip Rings and Rotary Joints.
Our goal for this acquisition is to discover quality solutions for transferring fluids through rotary joints at any speed, pressure, and temperature."
An articulated robot is a robotic arm that uses rotary joints to perform precise movements.

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