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The BPF's Rotational Moulders Group has represented the sector since 1978 and today has some 33 member firms under the Chairmanship of Karen Drinkwater of JSC Rotational Ltd.
6) Rotational molding is currently used in several industries, such as automotive (ducting, fuel tanks, wheel arches, etc.
Rotational moulding involves a heated hollow mould being filled with material and rotated so the material sticks to the walls.
The newly developed Grease Lubrication Type High Speed Deep Groove Ball Bearing for EV/HEV features a reviewed material ratio with the use of a new plastic retainer, while the retainer shape and material ratio have been modified to minimize its level of distortion due to centrifugal forces when operating at high rotational speeds.
The portable nature of the Series 100 Rotational Penetrometer makes it the only quantifiable solution to confirm firmness and stability of existing surfaces in outdoor recreation areas.
2 Nuclear SDRB's in Framework of Four Parameters Collective Rotational Model
Samarasinha said that rotational periods and their changes are important not only for investigating the physical evolution of comets but also for detailed planning of future space missions to comets.
The VIP Day of Black Sea Rotational Force a 12 was opened Monday with a joint operation of the Bulgarian Special Operation Forces and a US special intelligence unit.
LightManufacturing specializes in rotational molding, a process by which most large, hollow plastic products are made.
Deworming of lambs can be minimized by the use of rotational grazing and by checking the animals' inner eyelid color for signs of anemia, according to Agricultural Research Service scientists and cooperators.
President Kurmanbek Bakiev ordered involved government agencies and energy companies to make all necessary arrangements to stop rotational blackouts since March 8.
For example high rotational velocities experienced at the shoulder during the baseball pitch and overhead tennis serve have been associated with labral tears of the glenohumeral joint (Andrews et al.