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These processing conditions create a particular morphology and microstructure that uniquely affects the mechanical behavior of the rotationally molded products [7, 8].
7) Indeed, adding a rotationally deployed armored brigade of 4,200 troops represents a major increase in the number of US soldiers on the ground in Europe at any given moment, at least in terms of percentage.
The third group is rotationally grazed using a Kiwikit solar-powered electric fence.
With a rotationally molded design, Stronghold cases offer thicker corners and stress-free walls.
The reusable hopper container, base and cover are rotationally molded from 100-percent waterproof, chemical- and UV-resistant polyethylene plastic.
The reusable Powder-Saver hopper container, base and cover are rotationally molded from 100% waterproof, chemical- and UV-resistant polyethylene plastic.
into a rotationally symmetrical object using a rolling machine or a press.
After the grass was established, she rotationally grazed it with hair sheep in the fall to keep new buckthorn in check by stripping the seedlings so they dry out and die.
According to reports Google and Apple have been developing fixes for the security threat which rotationally leaves millions of devices vulnerable to hackers.
It incorporates the CIH Corn Louvers, which ensure that any loose grain makes it into the combine, and it is made from rotationally molded plastic for light weight and superior structure.
A ply of the first and second layers are constructed radially one on the other, on a rotationally symmetric construction surface, on one of the two axial sides of the web to be produced.
The laundry carts are rotationally molded in a single, continuous piece from 100% waterproof, chemical-resistant polyethylene, and can handle repeated cleaning in automated cart washers.