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In contrast, forward stationing keeps the ships or aircraft overseas while crews rotationally deploy overseas from their home stations in the United States.
In the current paper the Ekman boundary layer is discussed from the point of view of a modified model based on the turbulence mechanics suggested by Heinloo (2004), called the theory of rotationally anisotropic turbulence (the RAT theory).
To meet a facility's need for furniture that can be fixed in place or weighted down, Norix introduced its Attenda line of rotationally molded high-impact polyethylene furniture.
Single features of rotationally symmetric parts will be combined with machining manufacturing methods regarding requirements and tolerances to be achieved From these combinations different variants of a manufacturing sequence can be derived via algorithms.
Among them are ambient ionizing mass spectrometry, the analysis of water in confined geometries and at interfaces, in-situ optical studies of solid-oxide fuel cells, electrochemical aspects of electrospray and laser desorption/ionization for mass spectrometry, adaptive microsensor systems, chiral separations, fundamentals of rotationally induced hydrodynamics and applications to high-speed bioassays, microsystems for capturing low-abundance cells, and advances in mass spectrometry for lipidomics.
Some people who raise horses have discovered the advantages of using cattle rotationally with horses.
Like other polymer processing methods, reinforcements have been incorporated into the rotationally molded components to increase their mechanical properties.
Its monolithic, rotationally molded panels resist moisture, chemicals, dust, bending and torque.
These include both rotationally deployed personnel from bases in the United States, as well as the ships and aircraft assigned to the Forward Deployed Naval Force (FDNF).
7-inch cooler include a hunter-green finish, home freezer style lid gasket, seamless, rotationally molded construction, a rugged full-length lid hinge and three recessed rotary stainless steel draw latches that will keep the cooler latched even while being bounced about on rugged trails.
The HydroClear offers a build quality the industry has come to expect from Balmoral; a rotationally moulded one-piece high density polyethylene tank, providing robust on-site characteristics and a ruggedness not found in competitive products.