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Determined to be a candidate for surgical rotator cuff repair
However, reduction of the central tendon to the rotator cuff footprint often results in the formation of marginal "dog ear" deformities anterior and posterior to the construct (Fig.
The results of this study support the growing body of evidence, which advocates physiotherapy as the treatment of choice in patients with non-traumatic rotator cuff tears.
This represents approximately 70% of my practice, and this is almost evenly split between rotator cuff repair and fixing dislocating shoulders.
He explains that rotator cuff surgery done with current methods has a failure rate that ranges from 20-90 percent, due in large part to the manner in which the tendons are reattached to the bone.
The rotator cuff consists of four muscles (attached to bone by their tendons) of the upper arm that raise and rotate the arm.
The Healix Advance line of devices, a comprehensive system of rotator cuff anchor and instrumentation solutions, has been available since 2012.
Our patient underwent a targeted physical and rehabilitation programme to reduce pain, strengthen the rotator cuff muscles and lower the humeral head muscles.
Shoulder anatomy and biomechanics, particularly those of the rotator cuff (RC), endow the glenohumeral joint with dynamic and static stability throughout a substantial range of motion.
The rotator cuff is comprised of four muscles and is considered "the glue" that mechanically holds the shoulder together.
This article will look at two aspects of the current management of the rotator cuff tear.
London, May 16 (ANI): A specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation has developed a yoga-based maneuver that relieves the pain of rotator cuff tear and restores range of motion during one short office visit.