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The rotator cuff is the name given to the collection of four tendons that stabilize the shoulder joint.
It reported top-line data of its partial thickness rotator cuff tear feasibility study in December 2018, which found the therapy to be safe and well-tolerated.
Patients who had infectious shoulder arthritis, liver and renal function disorders, any rheumatologic (rheumatoid arthritis or spondyloarthropathy) and neurologic disorders, intraarticular fracture, a history of shoulder operation, adhesive capsulitis, calcific tendinitis, tip 3 acromion, bilateral shoulder lesion, full thickness rupture of rotator cuff tendons, and incomplete documentation were excluded.
Schubert said that the process of fat accumulation following a tear appears to occur more frequently in rotator cuff muscles than other muscle groups.
The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles that come together at the head of the humerus.
Prevalence and characteristics of asymptomatic tears of the rotator cuff: an ultrasonographic and clinical study.
Examination will reveal pain when resisting rotator cuff movements, particularly shoulder abduction.
Ultrasound is a low cost, accurate technique in detection and grading of pathology involving the tendons of the rotator cuff. In fact, shoulder joint is probably the most accessible joint for sonography in the adult.
We detected type I and type III collagen and BMP2 expression after rotator cuff tears in rabbits.
As mechanical advancements in rotator cuff repairs (RCR) begin to plateau, some researchers have moved toward trying to optimize the shoulder joint's biologic environment.
In this article, the most common indications for shoulder MRI are reviewed and discussed, but we focused primarily on the rotator cuff syndrome and shoulder instability.
KFx Medical LLC has five agreements that license the same patents to other medical device companies, giving them the right to promote the use of products and techniques for knotless double row rotator cuff repair as claimed in U.S.