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Dishes include: Red Tractor assured rotisserie chicken - slow roasted and seasons with piri-piri sea salt - PS12.95; Rotisserie roasted lamb - served with homegrown mint sauce, seasoned with garlic and rosemary sea salt - PS12.95 Mushroom, red lentil, Stilton and chestnut roast, with homemade root vegetable gravy - PS10.95.
Farm-assured rotisserie chicken is the highlight of the pub menu.
The menu includes classic dishes, a range of Brisket burgers, pizzas, rotisserie chicken and lighter options for those thinking about their waistlines.
The company will also roll out its newest line of rotisserie ovens designed to make life easier for deli and other foodservice operators while decreasing cooking times.
What is the capacity beyond the rotisserie and the fryer?" Le Blanc asks.
My wife, Collette, had the (PS9.75) rotisserie roast halfchicken with chips and a sauce so anaemic you would never have guessed it was infused with lemon, Italian cheese, red chilli and parsley.
Chef Pro introduces 28 liter size oven at Rs 6995 with a high performance appliance on your kitchen shelf with an added Rotisserie and convection cooking which makes cooking a truly delightful experience for household.
* Now Costco sells 55 million of its rotisserie chickens a year in the United States alone (more than 65 million worldwide), and has maintained a price of $4.99 per bird for years, part of the company's strategy to maintain prices on certain key high-volume items.
The hotel is host to the Rotisserie Restaurant, serving the Great British Breakfast, Deli lunch, and Rotisserie menu in the evenings.
While the average cost of a store rotisserie chicken has risen by nearly a pound, from PS4.65 to PS5.55, sales have slipped by 138,000 a week.