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It was a small van, which sold rotisserie chickens and the queue was halfway around the market every Sunday.
The family from Huyton decided to set up their dream Rotisserie in the former Knotty Ash pub so that the people of South Liverpool didn't have to travel into the city centre for a quality meal.
The automatic self-cleaning rotisserie features a patent-pending water jet design to handle the grease collection while minimizing water use.
Tyson Rotisserie Bakes provide your customers with a new option at the deli while helping you control shrink.
Rotisserie cooking is a style of roasting in which meat is skewered on a spit, allowing it to be cooked evenly while being basted by its own juices.
Rotisserie chicken is included as Britons spend more on hot takeaway food in supermarkets, while the switch away from large one to two-litre cider bottles demonstrates higher demand for individual bottles.
I'm a nice rotisserie - caramel-coloured and well-seasoned.
Check out the deli and buy precooked meats or rotisserie chickens, then store them in the freezer in two-cup portions, if desired.
Pibb and Red Vines, nothing says crazy delicious like a supermarket rotisserie chicken.
Judith Finlayson's 125 BEST ROTISSERIE OVEN RECIPES (0778801101, $18.
Farmland Foods now offers a delicious retail dell rotisserie program with their Extra Tender Sirloin Tip Pork Rotisserie Roast.