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PRINTING. The art of impressing letters; the art of making books or papers by impressing legible characters.
     2. The right to print is guaranteed by law, and the abuse of the right renders the guilty person liable to punishment. See Libel,; Liberty of the Press; Press.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Saueressig's history includes the introduction of many patented rotogravure printing and finishing technologies such as exclusive 3D micro-embossing technology that offers protection from brand counterfeiting; VAT laser-etching; nanosecond 3D laser engraving on metal surfaces; and soft proof technology that depicts all finishes like coatings and embossing, SGK said.
KBA said it "will design and manufacture the folders for all new Cerutti publication rotogravure presses" and will continue providing service for rotogravure presses it sold before the transaction.
Therefore, most factories of flexible packaging and rotogravure printing industry are integrated with food manufacturing industry such as instant noodle, biscuit, candy and coffee powder industries.
Caption: Leinenkugel's Amber Light, which features a rotogravure label printed in eight colors on metallized paper stock, received top honors in the three major printing and packaging label competitions in 2003.
Natural pattern realism is the result of Mannington Commercial's patented NatureForm[TM] Surface Embossing Technology and Rotogravure Printing Process.
The paper stock we use is specially manufactured to run on the rotogravure presses we use to print NEA Today.
Made of a heavy gauge polyester laminate with a clean rotogravure print, the resealable freezer bags are complete with a bottom gusset for easy standout merchandising in the freezer case.
Its Radisson, New York, rotogravure printing plant added $15 million in capacity this year.
For many years, the high gloss magazine section of many Sunday newspapers was printed on high speed rotary gravure web presses, and was often referred to as the "rotogravure" section.
Quebecor was said to want Watmoughs' rotogravure machines and its client list.
Steinway & Sons put its collection to work by using the portraits in the advertising campaigns it conducted through magazines and the rotogravure section of the New York Times.