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Rot about Napoleon, rot about Alexander, rot about 'is blessed family and
I know what I have in me; I know what literature is, now; I know the average rot that is poured out by a lot of little men; and I know that at the end of two years I shall be on the highroad to success.
A matter of opinion, my dear Bunny; I don't mean it for rot.
That's all rot," said Raffles, speaking after a pause; "we sha'n't let you give yourself up.
Those of us who haven't anything rot in the cities.
Telluric pathogens isolated from bean plants with collar and root rots in northwest Spain.
If the floor had not had a damp proof course and had become wet over a period of years, then a wood rot decay could have set in.
Scientists are hoping the seed of three new sunflower germplasm lines will sow greater success in fighting the fungus that causes head rot.
The main problem of these woods is rot, which is reflected in the low usable volume (it accounts for 85% of defects).
David Rots is a dynamic executive with extensive senior-level human resources experience in some of the world's most recognized companies.
Some crops which were wet going into store have not dried out fully and the mild autumn generated ideal warm and wet conditions for the rots to develop.