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com), it is time for the nation to sit up and take note of the rottenness of the state of affairs.
Had you made yourself like a wall and had all come up in the days of Ezra, you would have been compared to silver, which no rottenness can ever affect.
Hes only 11 months, he doesnt really understand whats going on but I think he knew, I think even at that young age he knew, as all these kids do, that despite the rottenness and unfairness of being sick, they couldnt be in better hands than here at the Sydney Childrens Hospital.
Reagan's assumptions about the Soviet system's rottenness proved correct: such a comprehensive offense was too much for it to counter.
It is defiant --the desperate act of men too profoundly convinced of the rottenness of our civilization to want to save a shed of its respectability.
Notably, Crevecoeur eviscerates his own agrarian idyll during a nature walk through the pastoral woods of South Carolina, where he comes upon a tortured slave dying in a suspended cage--a prefiguration of the rottenness of the pastoral trope in America.
Liberals may have appeared complacent and out of touch, but nobody has contributed more to exacerbating these divisions than Kaczynski " whether through his narrative about the rottenness of Poland today and his vision of a morally sound Fourth Republic, or through his allusions that the airplane crash in Smolensk in 2010 in which his twin brother, President Lech Kaczynski, died might have been orchestrated and covered up by the Russians.
They said the cells lack exposure to sunlight and proper hygienic standards, stressing the rottenness and narrowness of isolation cells.
I should explain that more than 10 years ago my wife and I were in at the beginning of Denis O'Hare's Cyprus Property Action Group (CPAG) whose investigations did so much to expose the rottenness of the real estate business in this country.
One stand-out is an essay by Johan Norberg on the utter rottenness of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two government-sponsored institutions managed, financed, and endorsed solely by dishonest individuals who knew they were peddling snake oil for short-term gain at long-term expense.