rough calculation

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With regard to the expense of this removal, he would say, at a rough calculation, that two or three silver tea or coffee-pots, with something additional for drink (such as a muffineer, or toast- rack), would more than cover it.
Indeed, the worthy gentleman, stimulated perhaps by the immediate prospect of being on active service, was in great spirits and good humour; in proof whereof, it may be here remarked, that he humourously drank all the beer at a draught, and did not utter, on a rough calculation, more than four-score oaths during the whole progress of the meal.
The mentioned herein procurement volume is subject as a result of non-exhaustive calculable needs paying customers of the logistics center of Lower Saxony - the authorities and services in the Lower Saxony administration - significant fluctuations, with the result that so far only a rough calculation can be specified.
A rough calculation of their strength would be that 35 per cent belong to the Islamic State, 35 per cent to Al-Nusra, 20 per cent to Ahrar al-Sham, whereas the Free Syrian Army and some pro-democracy groups represent the remaining 10 per cent.
The 2 million barrel gap is a very rough calculation and should not be taken too literally: the real gap could be 1.
My rough calculation was near 55 and the car used less than half a tank over a week of varied driving.
A source said: "At a rough calculation the Intel Plant would generate about $500,000 [[euro]425,000] in revenue every hour and it was evacuated from 6.
By rough calculation, I must have measured visual acuity at least a billion times over the past two decades; at times it feels like a lot more.
I have spent, by rough calculation, at least 60 percent of my waking life thinking about and worrying about something that I have spent 0 percent of the last three-plus decades doing," he admits.
A rough calculation based on my experiences (and those of my colleagues) would suggest that 99 percent of the visitors who come through our school entrance share the same sense of wonder and awe that I do.
In fact we did a rough calculation that if this was to have been organised, I am sure we would have got in total say every year like $600 million from this additional just local miners and applying taxation rate of about 33% internationally we would have gotten about $200 million on average," Okwang told Sudan Tribune in an exclusive interview.