rough calculation

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With regard to the expense of this removal, he would say, at a rough calculation, that two or three silver tea or coffee-pots, with something additional for drink (such as a muffineer, or toast- rack), would more than cover it.
Indeed, the worthy gentleman, stimulated perhaps by the immediate prospect of being on active service, was in great spirits and good humour; in proof whereof, it may be here remarked, that he humourously drank all the beer at a draught, and did not utter, on a rough calculation, more than four-score oaths during the whole progress of the meal.
The procurement volume mentioned here is subject to considerable fluctuations as a result of the non-conclusively calculable demand figures of the state police of lower saxony, With the result that in this respect only a rough calculation can be stated.
As per our rough calculation, there are 800 daily-wage employees who have CADD or regularisation committee's orders.
That's not surprising when research from Swinton reveals that almost 50% of us made a rough calculation of the value of our home contents when we took out cover, while one in 10 said they made a blind guess.
The ABB said: "We do not recognise these figures which merely represent a rough calculation.
Although it is useful for estimating healthy body weight, it is a rough calculation and may be influenced by factors such as gender and age.
A rough calculation showed that more than 33 people per day were being caught and still are.
While this is only a rough calculation, it is impossible to deny the potential differences that more comprehensive calculations can make.
A rough calculation suggests, having signed for PS3million in January 2013, standard UK inflation would have raised his price to PS3.
Reuters reported that if Takata was found to be solely responsible for the problem, it could face a bill of more than $9 billion in recall costs, based on a rough calculation that each replacement kit costs around $100.
As a rough calculation and using an average of $50 per barrel lost without hedging, this cost the country $500m per day and continues to do so.