rough draft

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The medical transcriptionist becomes an editor as they can listen to the audio and correct a rough draft in much less time.
Officials already have a rough draft of the regulations, according to industry trade journal, Automotive News, but firms are being asked to keep test cars off the highways until the laws are finalised and enacted.
The rough draft can be used to help work the layout and organization.
I'd tweet out the rough draft, get feedback from the Twitter community, then revise my program, the creator explained in an interview with Huffington Post.
As with the workshop, Hardwick hopes readers will complete it with their own rough draft of their very own social media plan.
A rough draft of the Technical Specifications is attached to this RFI.
The mix of raucous buffoonery and violent mayhem isn't exactly seamless, and the laugh-out-loud moments come with conspicuously less frequency during a third act that suggests a rough draft for "Bad Boys 3.
For the best learning experience, students should also have a rough draft of the 12 written assignments (see http://www.
In the end, she was able to remain friends with the man who once broke her heart, and he was willing to critique the rough draft of her graphic novel (which does not paint him in the most flattering light, but does not demonize him either).
Rowling told the New York Times that they had one dinner, a follow-up telephone call, and then she got out the rough draft that she thought was going to be an interesting bit of memorabilia for her kids and started rewriting.
Journalism is sometimes called the first rough draft of history, but this week's centerpiece feature, the annual list of the state's 75 largest private companies, is already part of a historic document that Arkansas Business has been compiling for a quarter-century.
First brewed in Alaskan's original, 10-barrel brewhouse in 1997, the Summer Ale became part of the brewery's Rough Draft series, and then a permanent summer seasonal.