rough guess

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Thus I made the rough guess that a young man and his wife, a child, and a mother-in-law were among the inhabitants of this idyllic cottage.
That it was far south of the equator was evident from the constellations, but I was not sufficiently a Martian astronomer to come much closer than a rough guess without the splendid charts and delicate instruments with which, as an officer in the Heliumite Navy, I had formerly reckoned the positions of the vessels on which I sailed.
At a rough guess, there are forty ladies at this lawn-party.
On a front view it appeared to consist principally of two spheres, bearing about the same relation to each other as the earth and the moon: that is to say, the lower sphere might be said, at a rough guess, to be thirteen times larger than the upper which naturally performed the function of a mere satellite and tributary.
At a rough guess the gulf was forty feet across, but, so far as I could see, it might as well have been forty miles.
At a rough guess, Rangers would be a top 10 side in the Premiership if we joined tomorrow.
It's unclear who he is or what caused him to lose his balance - but we could take a rough guess.
A rough guess at price would be about PS30,000 but Ford are likely to announce the exact figure at Geneva.
A rough guess might have been good enough for the Greeks, but not so today for the more finicky people, like those at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
In front of us in the check-in queue was a couple, mid-forties at a rough guess, with a lot of Duty Free and no inhibitions.
The true mpg was probably somewhere in the early 60s-mpg, admittedly a rough guess, but still meaning big savings on the forecourt.
There are many other sites that store and display photos, and to take a rough guess from our own experience, the total would be at least double the Facebook numbers.