rough outline

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In the second place, instinct often gives only a rough outline of the sort of thing to do, in which case learning is necessary in order to acquire certainty and precision in action.
The light from our lamps produced sometimes magical effects, following the rough outlines of the natural arches and pendants disposed like lustres, that were tipped with points of fire.
The outlined figure has its right hand raised, a rough outline of a crown floating just above its head; the boxer's name scrawled underneath lets us know who the stick figure is meant to be.
Setting a rough outline of a COC designed to prevent clashes in the South China Sea, the draft marked a crucial achievement and was hailed as a pivotal milestone for further talks,' the commentary read.
After 10 days the team presented a rough outline, and a week later, a finished product.
Making a list is a good physical reminder of your spending and gives you a pretty good rough outline of how much you're expecting to spend.
Those looking for a rough outline of the Chinese economy's future would be wise to revisit what happened in Thailand in 1997, when the collapse of the baht precipitated the Asian financial crisis.
To begin building the blind, Biere laid the fabric on the kayak using the boat as a template to cut out a rough outline.
Basically, the idea was a rough outline of a movie about a composer.
But the agency has published a rough outline of its claim, which appears to threaten about 170 tracts of otherwise private land.