rough sketch

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Moliere, on the other hand, quite delighted at having made such a capital rough sketch, and at knowing where to find his original again, whenever he should desire to convert his sketch into a picture, Moliere arrived in the merriest of moods.
There's not more than an hour of daylight left, but if you take your notebook you may be able to get some rough sketch of the place.
You remember;" said he, "the night when I handed you the rough sketch I had made of the scarabæus.
Since his discovery of the contents of the basket, Trotty had been standing looking at her--and had been speaking too--in an abstracted manner, which showed that though she was the object of his thoughts and eyes, to the exclusion even of tripe, he neither saw nor thought about her as she was at that moment, but had before him some imaginary rough sketch or drama of her future life.
rough sketch environment lab: for the culture of mycobacteria, about 2/3 of the turnover relates to internal customers and about 1/3 to external labs.
Based on a rough sketch, the app will draw up related emoji results.
However, it is a rough sketch at best, a philosophical outline of permaculture rather than an intensive handbook.
The one of the filings only included a rough sketch of the device's rear view, as spotted by (https://www.
The planned composite league with all the eight ISL and select ILeague teams has been in the pipeline for sometime with the AIFF also formulating a rough sketch of the merger with ISL becoming the top- flight tournament and the I- League, to be renamed League One, becoming the second tier event, which has met with ample criticism and confusion.
When Hal, who says he knew The Beatles "in the day", took the back off the frame, he discovered there was a rough sketch of John Lennon on the reverse side of the picture, along with the artist's signature.
The red, white and green creature was born in 1976, developing from being a rough sketch to a cuddly toy and then a lifesized person.
Their rough sketch of their final in Ghent, Belgium, will be auctioned off as part of Art for Cure.