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Rough-and-tumble play has not yet been accepted universally as a form of play, although research appears to support its inclusion as such (McBride-Chang & Jacklin, 1993; Reed, 2005).
Rough-and-tumble play has been observed in all animal species as well as in humans (Fry, 2005).
This was a period public-relations ploy: Americans approved of the rough-and-tumble of sports, and so likening the art of dance to sports made dance more acceptable in mainstream culture.
Young black Londoners rushed out to buy copies of the book, which was the first in Britain to realistically present the rough-and-tumble drug underworld in language that spoke directly to them as readers.
In so doing he articulated a powerful form of moral reasoning that translates abstract Christian values into concrete norms for living in the rough-and-tumble world of realpolitik.
She said: ``This will be ideal for those who are not sporty and prefer quieter pursuits away from rough-and-tumble play activities.
This rough-and-tumble politician was a close ally of Lyndon Johnson, and therefore one of the movers and shakers in the Senate.
Roughing It describes how the narrator, a polite greenhorn from the East, is initiated into the rough-and-tumble society of the frontier.
But rough-and-tumble play does more than just make an animal fit.
In Trash's Dance, 1992, for example, a performer poses aggressively on the stage of a rough-and-tumble lesbian bar, in a scene that recalls some of Reginald Marsh's bawdier works.