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Embedded in this research question is an exploration of teachers' attitudes and practices toward rough-and-tumble play, the form of active dramatic play most often favored by young boys.
Sixteen-year-old Beka Cooper is a product of the rough-and-tumble Lower City.
Altogether, Weatiez's videos offer a surprisingly intimate glimpse of the kind of rough-and-tumble jock many gay men, myself included, obsessed over in high school.
While some people find rough-and-tumble sex a real turn on, others have every right to say no to it.
The Departed,'' a remake of the 2002 Hong Kong cop drama ``Infernal Affairs,'' is the movie Scorsese loyalists have wanted for years, a rough-and-tumble trip down memory lane, free from pretension and the meddling of Harvey Weinstein.
Female hyenas dominate the species' rough-and-tumble social life and even grow penislike genitalia.
Jazz authority and former record executive Frank Driggs combines his talent Kansas City native and radio host Chuck Haddix to present an in-depth chronicle jazz styles that encompassed rough-and-tumble urban blues, and pounding piano music that would come to be known as "boogie-woogie".
HOW good it was to read Lorne Jackson's article about the rough-and-tumble games we used to play as kids.
One couldn't fully move around, much less through, the rough-and-tumble construction, a restriction that undermined the complexity of one's relationship to the work.
John Wayne's rough-and-tumble character, Tom Doniphon, selflessly shot Valance, knowing it would mean he'd likely lose the girl he loved to Stoddard.
Two other influential Texans, both born in rural, rough-and-tumble regions of Texas in 1896, will also be honored: Irl Allison, Sr.
Floyd is a familiar Western character--a cheroot-chewing, rough-and-tumble tough guy with a heart of gold.