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Five kinds of protein supplements including soybean meal (SBM), cotton seed meal (CSM), rapeseed meal (RSM), sunflower meal (SFM), corn germ meal (CGM), five kinds of energy feed including rice bran (RB), corn, barley, wheat bran (WB), corn fiber feed (CFF), and seven kinds roughages including alfalfa (Zhao dong), alfalfa (Long mu 801), alfalfa (Long mu 803), two kinds of alkali grass, corn silage and corn straw were used as raw materials for experiments.
However, grain and supplements do have their place, and animals that need extra fat or protein may need something other than roughage to meet those needs.
If people were designed to be strict vegetarians, McArdle expects we would have a specialized colon, specialized teeth and a stomach that doesn't have a generalized pH--all the better to handle roughage.
ACATS will eat certain types of grass - for roughage and to induce vomiting if the stomach is over-full.
They saunter through the aisles like giraffes, filling dwarfed shopping carts with bouquets of roughage and perhaps a chunk of Leerdammer Lite for company.
The rubbish and roughage moves slowly down the large intestine.
Minimum and maximum restrictions on roughage intake are shown in rows G and H.
They reported that though the debate on the necessity of roughage in the menus of Camp Anathema was absorbing, they were more deeply moved by the announcement that we Presbyterians now have a national museum
Dietary fiber or Dietary fibre or sometimes roughage is the indigestible portion of plant foods having two main components:
Fiber is insoluble roughage that passes through the intestines, taking the hairball with it.
Roughage intake was estimated using the indigestible dry matter (iDM) as an internal marker, and was estimated in the samples of concentrate, orts and feces.
Contract notice: Delivery by purchasing roughage / alfalfa and grass / tp for the needs of dls" jenda "- c.