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The increasing fine-grained nature and complexity of lead-zinc ores lead to the need for rougher concentrate to be ground extremely fine usually below 200 mesh size for economic recovery (Singh et al.
For example, as hip replacements wear, do they get rougher or smoother?
At the early stage of cavity filling, polymer melt tends to flow faster on the smoother half than on the rougher half.
Mark Rider, 27, who was playing for the visiting Kent side Invictas - against the Cardiff Titans - alleged: 'Ice hockey is a tough game - a contact sport - but this was rougher than most.
Two chicks and two dicks, it's rougher than Tina's other stuff (Bobbyteens, Tina and the Total Babes) with Larry (ex-Rickets) laying down the chops.
The rougher side of Tyneside was the backdrop for parts of Alien 3 and, more famously for Get Carter, where Michael Caine's gangster made the Hardwick Hall car park in Gateshead a shrine for film buffs.
Where Krumped plays out a rougher, more underground account of the dance, set in the context of its community, Shake City 101 functions more like an entertaining travelogue, following The Shake City All-Stars (a group of former Tommy the Clown dancers), as they engage in a dance battle.
For wood of rougher surfaces, that means sanding before painting or other embellishment, and sanding again between coats of varnish for a glasslike finish.
A cleaning tape is simply non-burnished tape--it's rougher than the data-grade backup tape and must be used regularly to keep the heads clean.
Expectations at the beginning of 2003 had earlier suggested a rougher ride.
Geographically speaking, it's far rougher than the vast majority of American courses.
Eurogas attributes the trend to the usual factors: growth in customer numbers in all sectors and a rougher Winter than the previous year affecting the residential sector in particular.