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Germany's police union asked today for Turkish police officers to help them deal with delinquents in the roughest areas of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany's largest state.
Kevin Cochrane, bottom, and Mike Metcalf are driving across some of the roughest terrain in the French Alps to raise cash for Cancer Research UK
A Clean Street's a Happy Street: A Bronx Memoir" is James McSherry's tale of growing up in one of the roughest places in America, and his challenge to keep his faith in life through all the hardships of a sick mother, am abusive, abandoning father, and having to grow up direly poor with little relief.
A new DVD released by WGBH Boston Video in April showcases the incredible story of three kids from one of the roughest neighborhoods in America whose faith and perseverance enabled them to defy the odds of their upbringing and achieve their dreams of a better life.
While he opted to take the Light Blues to prepare in "peace and quiet" on the River Dee at Chester last week, Bowden was seeking out the roughest conditions the Thames could throw up.
A total of 23 people were flown to safety after the ferry was hit by a freak wave which caused lorries to break free and make the vessel list dangerously in seas described as the roughest in a decade.
Here in Jordan, it has become part of the land's history as Bedouins in Wadi Rum use Land Cruisers since half a century in their everyday life showing that it proved itself over the years on one of the roughest and toughest terrains ever," al-Markazia's marketing manager, Mr Nadim Haddad, said.
Of all the media measured by TNS, newspapers are forecasted to have the roughest year with negative growth, down 0.
Before long the school bad boys were hanging out the windows smoking and one thing leading to another, soon the emergency back door exit was pushed open and the roughest boys had dropped to the tarmac to smoke and drink their ginger (these were more innocent days).
Unlike glazed ceramic tiles, cement gets more polished with age and wear, withstanding the roughest foot traffic.
It's the perfect gay spin that smooths the roughest edges of an otherwise ideal vacation.
This has been the roughest year ever,'' said Bobby Arias, president of a Community in Schools, a Valley-based gang-intervention and prevention program.