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Leitz introduces a new generation of spiral cutters, combining the essential features of roughing and finishing router cutters in one tool.
The FINISHRED solid carbide endmill's design makes it possible to machine both roughing and finishing applications in the same process.
Plunge roughing offers many advantages for heavy material removal jobs; choosing and using the correct software can make the operation all the more efficient and profitable.
COOKBOOK: Read Dian Thomas' ``Recipes for Roughing It Easy,'' and you just know that if she was menaced by a bear in the woods, it'd take her about 10 minutes to produce bear burgers and a rug without working up a sweat.
roughing in older buildings, for example, can be very complicated.
Literature is available on the PowerMill 2440, a new version of the company's PowerMill computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software which now includes rest roughing capabilities, as well as many other improved functions.
A new line of diamond wheels for roughing and finishing polycrystalline diamond and cubic boron carbide cutting tools has been developed by Norton Company.