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He had a roughish time in Australia in 1924-25, but the home batsmen were both formidable and in form.
Delicate Arch is best viewed at sunrise or sunset, and is reached by a three-hour hike over roughish terrain.
The early illustrative periodical, meant for the working classes] walked abroad amongst the people, went into the poorer cottages, and visited the humblest home in cheap guises, and, perhaps, in roughish forms; but still with the illustrative and the instructive principle strongly worked upon, and admirably developed for the general improvement of the human race.
Similar to Cantaloupe with a roughish green skin and a glorious fragrant, peachy orange flesh.
Dobbin wins National' is a tabloid headline writer's dream but this is an uncomplicated, articulate jockey whose own irrepressible outlook has seen him through some roughish patches that would have knocked the spark out of lesser men.