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As the Roughs struggled to pay their far bigger new mortgage, they began to draw on Gladys's money.
Dale Hughes, for Jean, said Gladys told the Roughs "repeatedly" to take what they needed for themselves.
But over four-and-a-half days of gruelling evidence, given by video link, Gladys insisted she had only told the Roughs they could spend her money if they were "stuck" - and not on any major purchases.
Rough is a gas field in the North Sea used to store gas in the summer and deliver it in winter when the gas is needed to help meet high demand.
The undertakings include a requirement to keep CSL, the operator of Rough, legally, financially and physically separate from its parent company Centrica, and to prevent CSL from discriminating in favour of Centrica or other users of Rough.
In a provisional decision published today the group of independent CMA panel members carrying out the review (supported by CMA staff) have found that that as Rough ages its performance may become increasingly unpredictable, so that CSL cannot meet its capacity obligations.
It affords us an opportunity to blend the regional flavors of Austin and Bastrop with the already established nature-based activities offered at McKinney Roughs into a distinctive destination.
OWNER/OPERATOR OF MCKINNEY ROUGHS NATURE PARK -- Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) is a Texas conservation and reclamation district created by the Texas Legislature in 1934.
Rolling canyons, wildflower meadows and lazy river bends are just waiting to be explored at McKinney Roughs Nature Park, located eight miles west of Bastrop, Texas, and 13 miles east of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.
The biggest increase in the number of rough sleepers has been seen inEaling, with just five in Autumn 2010 and 67 in Autumn 2017.
4 time increase, rough sleeping in the borough more than doubled in just one year, from 27 in 2016 to 67 in 2017.
More than half the rough sleepers in west London were found inWestminster, with 217 people sleeping on the borough's streets in Autumn 2017, up from 127 in Autumn 2010.