round body

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The compact round body of its root expands into two broad, firm, flat palms or flukes, gradually shoaling away to less than an inch in thickness.
Kaliko ran out as fast as his spindle legs could carry his fat, round body, and soon the Chief Counselor entered the cavern.
came the wooden heels, right against his round body, and the King flew into the air and fell upon the head of his captain, who let him drop flat upon the ground.
On his short, round body, he wore a close covering, ornamented with small slashes; a short cloak dangled at his back; the collar was cut into curious peaks, which served the goblin in lieu of ruff or neckerchief; and his shoes curled up at his toes into long points.
Round body crankbaits are the ones I prefer early in the season.
The first round body punch that dropped Berna, who had won 15 of his 17 fights prior to Saturday's scheduled eight-rounder, was textbook.
You can do this by drawing around a plate to get a chunky round body and adding a triangular shape to one end TO CREATE THE SNOUT.
Dry, medium but round body, medium acid, medium alcohol (12.5 percent) throws no heat or irritation.
The Optimax Series OCG Round Body Pneumatic Cylinders and Series OSX Light Duty Pneumatic Thruster Slides are designed to be versatile for use in the machine builders' market.
As the ideas flowed, soon off the production line was a new racy round body side-by-side with a distinct coffin-shape taper on the back of the action.
The model features an all round body style with a sporty look and special stickers, a new side skirt design, new rear bumper and spoiler.