round table

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call has been sent out to the Round Table, a knight has a right to expect the monster to be the main theme of conversation.
We sat about that big round table as if assembled for a conference and looked at each other in a sort of fatuous consternation.
There is really not much to tell," cried Dorian as they took their seats at the small round table.
Instantly flinging a fresh cloth over the round table under the bronze chandelier, though it already had a table cloth on it, he pushed up velvet chairs, and came to a standstill before Stepan Arkadyevitch with a napkin and a bill of fare in his hands, awaiting his commands.
Berg and Boris, having rested after yesterday's march, were sitting, clean and neatly dressed, at a round table in the clean quarters allotted to them, playing chess.
There was a little round table in a corner of the room furthest from the door, which I had not yet examined.
How pretty, to my eyes, did the china cups and bright teapot look, placed on the little round table near the fire
I hope you won't think it selfish, Copperfield, if I mention that the broker carried off my little round table with the marble top, and Sophy's flower-pot and stand?
Not since Arthur of Silures kept his round table hath ridden forth upon English soil so true a knight as Norman of Torn.
In less than the time mentioned he was seated again by his companion's side with a square sheet of foolscap spread out upon the round table.
Surgeon Surville, entering from the kitchen, drew aside the canvas screen, and approached the little round table at which his superior officer was sitting.
Rachel admitted me into the parlour, and went to call her mistress, for she was not there: but there was her desk left open on the little round table beside the high-backed chair, with a book laid upon it.