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I was approaching the bend and saw lights coming round the bend towards me.
A GROUP of Irish leprechauns took time out from celebrating St Patrick's Day to be sent round the bend at a Midland theme park.
Q MY lovelorn 15-year-old is driving me round the bend.
In the boredom of the same day for years on end, Round in circles, Round the bend.
IT looks like Sir Alex Ferguson has really gone round the bend.
I looked up and there was a black car coming sideways round the bend.
Against Bacon, Rabbie sizzles, he makes short work of Longfellow and drives Jane Austen round the bend.
The court heard Mr Neale, who came round the bend "like a lunatic" had bought the 136mph car three days earlier and "wanted to see what it could do" in April last year.
ANN MARSHALL is being driven round the bend by an identity fraudster who is using her details when stopped by the police for driving offences.
The longer the run to the first turn the better, and one of those half-decent exits can see Rotar Wing nip round the bend in front and bound clear of the opposition.
As reported, officials at Elmtree Social Club, in Bishopton Road West, were being driven round the bend trying to dispose of the black Ford Escort Ghia left in their car park since before Christmas.
Just as I came to the bend a car was coming round the bend and across at right angles to my car.