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I had to avoid any load on the shoulder girdle, and my figure returned to its predisposed nature: thin and round-shouldered, but now with excessive fat in the abdominal area, hardly controlled by diet.
At a show one evening, Bob told a classic gag about theatrical accommodation: "The hotel room where I'm staying is so small," he said, "the rats are round-shouldered.
Quite what substance he was hewn from remains a mystery but, at 55 years of age, he was not riding in the 117th Pardubicka only because he had a serious racing injury back in August, though to look at this twinkling, slightly round-shouldered figure you would never know it.
He was round-shouldered and appeared to be a little hunched over.
After working on the computer for prolonged periods, try targeting the upper back to open the chest up and decrease the common, round-shouldered posture we see everywhere.
In rows of hulking, round-shouldered machines, researchers build parts for their experiments, milling steel or aluminum into just the right shape with holes in just the right places to make something that will help them peel another layer from a scientific unknown.
I actually became round-shouldered trying to make myself seem smaller
For Hershiser, the round-shouldered pitcher, and Gwynn, the round-bellied hitter, the trips to the final crossroads have been different indeed.
They are also in danger of regressing to the shapes of their Neanderthal ancestors, as long hours spent slumped in front of computer and television screens are causing them to become round-shouldered and stooped.