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His cap was a dainty thing, his close- buttoned blue cloth roundabout was new and natty, and so were his pantaloons.
But he obstinately took roundabout ways, and presently he was where he could see long gray walls of vapor where lay battle lines.
The old man always expressed himself in a very roundabout sort of fashion, and on the present occasion he was doubly, terribly confused.
You take a roundabout way, then, to inform me that I am very ill?
Besides, there is no use in scaring the little children for a mile roundabout, though
Jeffrey Aspern had never been in it that I knew of; but some note of his voice seemed to abide there by a roundabout implication, a faint reverberation.
By such arts they sometimes entered society on the other side before they did so at home; it was to be added at the same time that this resource was less and less valuable, for Europe, in the American world, had less and less prestige and people in the Western hemisphere now kept a watch on that roundabout road.
He watched her enter the private gate of Diana's Grove, and then, taking a roundabout course and keeping out of her sight, he at last overtook her in a thick part of the Grove where no one could see the meeting.
We had come out upon Oxford Street and I had ventured some remark as to this being a roundabout way to Kensington, when my words were arrested by the extraordinary conduct of my companion.
Even the character and accent of the two peoples had shades of difference, despite the amalgamating effects of a roundabout railway; so that, though less than twenty miles from the place of her sojourn at Trantridge, her native village had seemed a far-away spot.
You did not see it because I led you not in the beaten tracks, but through roundabout passages seldom used.
Some of our party have gone to England, intending to take a roundabout course and rejoin the vessel at Leghorn or Naples several weeks hence.