roundabout course

See: detour
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He watched her enter the private gate of Diana's Grove, and then, taking a roundabout course and keeping out of her sight, he at last overtook her in a thick part of the Grove where no one could see the meeting.
Some of our party have gone to England, intending to take a roundabout course and rejoin the vessel at Leghorn or Naples several weeks hence.
Norwegian LNG bound for Asia currently takes a roundabout course down through the Mediterranean, incurs charges when transiting the Suez Canal and exposes tankers to piracy risks in the Gulf of Aden, before the final leg of its journey brings it to Asia.
The city and the developers took a roundabout course towards allowing the technology with a test pilot project in the city's first green residential building, the Solaire, which ultimately lead to the city's active encouragement of black water systems through incentive programs.
This roundabout course apparently would be adopted to make it easier for the IRS to rule favorably.
For an entire year, the ship remained frozen amid the ice, dragged 2,800 kilometers on a roundabout course northwest across the Arctic Ocean, a landless expanse of water and ice.
5 km with connections to the B 30 by a roundabout course.
the building BER 9 Motzer channel Bodenaustaucharbeiten, construction of a temporary detour and final stage of a roundabout course in construction 5 km + 500