roundabout way

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Many times, information is deliberately obscured and important matters are addressed in roundabout ways.
Ms Winter, aged 35, is believed to have feared her former lover had paid someone to spy on her and took roundabout ways home to avoid being followed.
While Woo's The Killer (1989) exaggerated the formula whereby cop and crook discover deep affinities, the Milkyway films handle it in more roundabout ways.
As a result, the most states can do to curb aggressive fundraisers is go at the problem in roundabout ways, such as mandating that fundraisers submit their financial reports to state officials for public release, or requiring fundraisers to register as used car dealers.
In this light many thought-processes and thought constructs appear to be consciously false assumptions, which either contradict reality or are even contradictory in themselves, but which are intentionally thus formed in order to overcome difficulties of thought by this artificial deviation and reach the goal of thought by roundabout ways and by paths.
Yet distances and cultural barriers were such that they affected each other in subtle and often roundabout ways.
Fortunately, considering Oklahoma's scarcity of public lands and rather late-blooming conservation consciousness, the remnant groves were in almost every instance given protection, albeit in often roundabout ways.
lt;b>4) Expand government's dismantling authority from just banks to other finance companies</b> The administration seeks greater "resolution" authority, the right to take apart failed financial companies directly, in contrast to roundabout ways as it was done with some companies such as AIG in the latest crisis.