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Any minute now they will announce an award for the beach with the roundest pebbles.
But what infinitely enrich'd and adorn'd them, was the sweet intersection, form'd, where they met, at the bottom of the smoothest, roundest, whitest belly, by that central furrow which nature had sunk there, between the soft relievo of two pouting ridges, and which, in this girl, was in perfect simmetry of delicacy and mignature with the rest of her frame: no
In fact the Sun turns out to be one of the roundest objects ever measured.
Early doors, they're 'On the back foot', set their 'stalls' out - set for falls, commentators, pundits talkin' 'The roundest ever
In fact, adidas insist it's the roundest ball they have ever produced.
When the butter is sizzling, drop teaspoonfuls of the blini mixture into the pan (pour the mixture from the tip of the spoon, not the side, for the roundest shape).
The size of Ping-Pong balls and coated with the superconductor niobium, the spheres were the roundest objects ever created by human beings.
Read this one to find out what the odds are that your telephone number is prime, how to make the world's roundest football and how math can help you get into The Guinness Book of World Records.
Oocyte diameter was determined by taking the average diameter, with and without the jelly layer, of 100 of the largest, roundest oocytes on slides from at least 5 female abalone within each experiment.
Leave the largest and roundest fruit to develop with the space of a fist between them.
Lustrous, light, and daring, the roundest of all balls, in spite of being very young, she soon became extremely popular because of the number of goals already chalked up (around six hundred), many in every game.