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2A, D); scutellum flattened; pronotum and scutellum impunctate; posterior part of metepimeron roundish, not angulate; metasternum without medial outgrowth; R + M vein almost reaching apex of corium; inner margin of clavus longer than scutellum (Fig.
The aspect ratio (particle length to width ratio) was near to unity for the GCC pigment, as it is blocky or roundish in shape; whereas it was higher for the PCC pigments.
Cut a slice from both sides of the largest face of the potato, to leave you with a roundish, flat slice of potato.
At the physical examination, a soft, roundish, painless mass was palpable on the left side of thyroid.
The fact that one is a roundish vegetarian with chisel-like buck teeth for clipping plants and the other is an elongated, shaggy hunter with sharp incisors, stout canine fangs, and those special molar teeth called carnassials designed for shearing the flesh off victims such as marmots isn't always obvious at a distance.
This prototypic animal, a kind of roundish flatworm, presumably had all essential developmental mechanisms in place.
He was black, in his late 20s, 5ft 6in tall, clean shaven, with brown eyes, a roundish face and skin with acne scarring.