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With its mix of chat and cooking, Nigella's show has been roundly panned by critics.
I'm sure they never met, and suspect the former's butchery would be roundly condemned in diplo-speak by the latter.
She focuses on some thirty-three female authors, a cohort whom literary critics both then and now have roundly dismissed as insignificant.
I am disappointed that The Advocate would publish an article that so roundly condemns my religion, Islam.
In September, the Filipino bishops roundly condemned a reproductive health bill presented to the nation's Congress.
It's savage escalation from the eye rolling and obscene gesture used previously, and is roundly ignored by Marketing, PR, and corporate executives lacking both imagination and language skills.
The church roundly denounced this heresy as early as the fourth century, affirming that a sacrament does not depend on the worthiness of the person performing it.
The killing of Salim, a Shiite member of the IGC and the holder of its rotating presidency, was roundly condemned by leading figures from the US and the UK.
Coos Bay voters roundly approved the ballot measure - which would meld the cities under the name "Coos Bay-North Bend" - and North Bend roundly rejected it.
Milton's initial response was negative, for in his 1634 Maske Presented at Ludlow Castle the new economic discourse is taken up by the evil enchanter Comus and roundly rejected by the masque's heroine, who prefers an older discourse "predicated on the economy's being static rather than dynamic" (23).
It does, however, invest in Exxon Mobil, which has been roundly criticized for its spotty environmental record-Exxon "doesn't bother any of the screens," says Schwartz--and defense companies like General Dynamics, a producer of tanks and nuclear subs.
Yet we were roundly criticized, Thomas, as well you know, and many said it would never work.