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Hilbery, now came back to him, pouring over the raw ugliness of human affairs its soothing balm, and providing a form into which such passions as he had felt so painfully the night before could be molded so that they fell roundly from the tongue in shapely phrases, hurting nobody.
The wind blew freshly from the east, with a very keen edge to it; and the great sail bellied roundly out, laying the vessel over until the water hissed beneath her lee bulwarks.
The other, compact, broad and sturdy of limb, seemed extremely full of sound organs functioning vigorously all the time in order to keep up the brilliance of his colouring, the light curl of his coal-black hair and the lustre of his eyes, which asserted themselves roundly in an open, manly face.
Alexey Alexandrovitch sternly cut her short, roundly declaring his wife to be above suspicion, and from that time began to avoid Countess Lidia Ivanovna.
Mrs Varden expressed her sympathy for her daughter's distress by scolding her roundly for being so late; and the honest locksmith divided himself between condoling with and kissing Dolly, and shaking hands heartily with Joe, whom he could not sufficiently praise or thank.
I am well aware, sir, of the many demands upon your time, and its--ha--enormous value,' Mr Dorrit could not say enormous roundly enough for his own satisfaction.
I was skeptical of air purifiers after Consumer Reports roundly declared them useless, but after trying the Airwise in my bedroom for a month, I can say that it definitely did get rid of odors and made my cat- and dog-inhabited room smell fresher.
THE BRITISH Prime Minister, Tony Blair, apologizes to those wrongly imprisoned for the 1974 Guildford bombings and is roundly attacked for doing so.
The National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC, has been roundly maligned since it opened last fall, and the sheer range of critical charges--from insufficient scholarly contextualization and scattershot exhibitions to annoying electronic touch displays and too many gift shops--testifies to the difficulty of addressing Native American history in the nation's capital.
Newspaper editorial boards, in states both red and blue, roundly condemned the decision, with one notable exception.
But McCarthy nevertheless blamed Hussein for assisting al-Qaeda in the 9/11 attacks, citing as his best evidence the allegation that Iraqi intelligence operative Ahmed Hikmat Shakir had "facilitated a 9/11 hijacker into Malaysia and was in attendance at the Kuala Lumpur meeting with two of the hijackers, and other conspirators, at which is roundly acknowledged to be the initial 9/11 planning session in January 2000.
I am disappointed that The Advocate would publish an article that so roundly condemns my religion, Islam.