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Reigning women's world champion Dobromyslova, making her debut in the tournament, claimed the opening leg against her Dutch opponent but Van Eijden - who was roundly heckled by the largely pro-Dobromyslova crowd throughout - won the next three legs on the spin to move into a 3-1 lead.
The claim of overfeeding has been roundly rejected by the people who should know, namely the RSPB, yet Coventry City Council has felt the need to browbeat an elderly resident into curtailing her trivial pastime of feeding birds in her garden.
This only partly applies here, because in fact I roundly like and sometimes love graffiti, but getting deep into the craniums and art-stashes of literal urban legends (Lee
Rock 'n' Roll Jesus (Atlantic) THEY'VE done everything under the sun to relaunch Kid Rock as a redneck, and now they're re-releasing his recent album, which was roundly, and rightly, ignored first time out.
Meanwhile though, in London, Pop Idol failure Darius Danesh is taking to the boards as Rhett Butler in the new, roundly pannedWest End musical version of Gone With The Wind.
A LITTLE time back when a couple of PCSOs did not attempt to rescue a drowning kid because they were not trained and would be breaking rules they were roundly condemned by most.
The members of the lower house of parliament roundly defeated a Communist Party proposal calling for the public to vote on the treaty, aimed at reshaping how the EU operates, and confirmed they would have the final say.
THE recent dumping of a homeless patient on Skid Row that was caught on tape was roundly condemned by the city's police and politicians as inhumane and tragic.
Roundly condemned for its ham-fisted handling of the foot and mouth crisis, Defra has managed to underspend its budget by pounds 747 million in the five years since it was formed.
Every good thing a reader would want to happen to Rachel does and the Pritchards are roundly defeated by a grandfather not as sick or weak as they had hoped.
The idea was roundly applauded by Karen Dorsey, project manager with Phoenix Constructors.
I was skeptical of air purifiers after Consumer Reports roundly declared them useless, but after trying the Airwise in my bedroom for a month, I can say that it definitely did get rid of odors and made my cat- and dog-inhabited room smell fresher.