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The vehicle is the first full-faired machine in the entire Rouser range, specifically designed to lessen wind drag during high-speed running.
Sought for comment inside the Tagum City police lockup cell, Pangcatan denied the allegation, saying he was not the only one who owned a Rouser motorcycle in Tagum.
Rouser approached Catfish lake Family Fun Center owner Chris Canal with her idea.
Michele Best cites Tom Peters, author of many management books, who recommends that a manager should, "within 12 months, promote to a position of significant responsibility at least one rabble rouser who often doesn't agree with you.
The Rouser 135cc is equipped with Digital Twin Spark-ignition 4-valve engine technology.
There was also the wonderful counter-balance of seeing (at a nonfestival event) ex-Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen Bill Kirchen referencing virtually every well-known guitar riff of the last half-century (''Rebel Rouser,'' ``Secret Agent Man,'' ``Smoke on the Water,'' etc.
Gavin's material switches from friendly pub philosopher to ranting rabble rouser with sharp one-liners and lively observations.
Willie Carson has a frustrating day at Newbury when Rebec (Henry Cecil) cannot cope with Burleigh (Dick Hern/Joe Mercer) in the first part of the juvenile maiden, and Baffin Bay (Arthur Budgett) is put down to second after beating Rouser (Jack Clayton/Jimmy Lindley) in the 10-furlong handicap.
The brand new Kawasaki Rouser 135 CC motorcycles was distributed with complete accessories such as helmet, among others, Caberia said.
RABBLE rouser," and "ranter," are just two of the descriptions levelled at me by Messrs Radford and Brennan in their defence of the Coalition Council's decision to sack hundreds of workers and cut services to the community.
Their first major hit came in 1958 when Rebel Rouser charted on both sides of the Atlantic.