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To ensure the hometown message resonates with shoppers, Rouses management spent extra time training associates about the store, its history and its products, Treuting explains.
The rooftop garden on the Rouses Market in downtown New Orleans - the first such "urban farm" in the country - is home to parsley, basil, cilantro and other herbs the grocer is growing to package and sell in the market's produce section.
Attention to customer service is a point of pride at Rouses, as demonstrated by associates in every department.
Rouse wrote a strategic plan for Obama to follow in the Senate,.
As the 2008 campaign drew to a close, Rouse once again handed Obama a thick black binder, this time with ideas for setting up the White House if he won.
It was Rouse who arranged the presidential transition, hiring John Podesta to run it.
Shoppers certainly seem to be noticing the special treatment Rouses gives products and presentation.
Rouses franchises the shop, which is used as the store's in-store cafe and seating area (both indoor and outdoor seating are included).
In its foods-to-go section, Rouses features inventive entrees with local flair, such as smothered okra, sausage jambalaya, and sauteed shrimp over pasta.
While the elder Rouse took charge of construction, his son Donald and Larry Henderson sat down to plan the interior layout and decor.
Donald Rouse, vice president of operations, says, "This is the type of community where red carpeting hurts more than it helps.
By serving as general contractor, Rouse sliced construction costs by 30%, he estimates.