routine event

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When I came to see the flag raising ceremony, my first impression was that it would be a routine event. However, within minutes I had to change my mind in totality.
Head of the Moscow Canal Federal State Budgetary Institution German Elyanyushkin shared the experience of his company in introducing digital management and logistics solutions into the daily practice, and also suggested that by joint efforts of the state and industry business turn the routine event until the opening of river navigation into a federal event and bright celebration.
It used to be a routine event for youngsters, but that's largely gone out of fashion.
Registration of the securities issuable under an incentive stock plan is a routine event and does not equate to a sale of shares.
By passers view them from the corner of their eyes as another routine event. But if they were to invoke the name of the Prophet (pbuh), faces would turn, eyes would pop out and ear lobes would flame.
Instead of allowing showering or any other routine event to be a time filled with anxiety, may we turn these moments into makeshift "prayer meetings." There we can bring our concerns about work, family, finances, and the future to Him.
From Jeremy Corbyn downwards, Labour figures have been fulminating against what should be a routine event in the diplomatic calendar.
And it's not like it's just some routine event that retailers are obliged to participate in; it's one carefully prepared for - some companies have told me before that they plan up to several months ahead - so it's not pushover thing.
Putin, speaking to NBC News' Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, said he recalled the dinner in question as a routine event.
From the high-powered Milken Conference in Los Angeles this spring to a routine event like the UBS chief investment officer global forum for financial advisers in New York last week, every mention of the Republican frontrunner elicits a titter from the audience.
She competed in the Philippine Olympic Committee-Philippine Sports Commission (POC-PSC) Wushu Federation Philippines' National Wushu Championships in the Straight Sword 2nd Level International Routine Event when she was 16.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an has turned the hosting of "muhtars," or village leaders, at his palace into a routine event. But Erdoy-an is not actually engaging in an exchange of ideas with the muhtars when they gather in Ankara.