routine procedure

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The visit is a routine procedure assumed by UK authorities to ensure the safety of passengers heading to London in particular.
The CM directed that routine procedure should be avoided and work should be done in an innovative way to increase resources, besides soliciting out of the box solutions to move forward.
According to the complaint, Luthringshausen "should have stopped the routine procedure to remove the growth, called a fibroid," when complications arose during the Aug.
But the Supreme Court registrar office returned the application for early hearing on the grounds that no special treatment could be accorded and the routine procedure would be followed to take up the matter.
Registrar office says routine procedure will be followed
KUWAIT, Sept 26 (KUNA) -- The US army's recent pull of some of its Patriot anti-missile systems from Kuwait and other countries in the region is merely an interior routine procedure under US forces' evaluation and in coordination with the Kuwaiti army, Kuwait's army general chief of staff said Wednesday.
Greek troops assure that the routine procedure for their return is already in progress.
Pushpa Kamal Dahal: "Forging the alliance without putting the matter for discussion at any of the committees of the party, which is a routine procedure, was a mistake."
The woman's life is in turmoil after what was supposed to be a routine procedure.
The fact that nearly a quarter of working mothers return to their jobs within two weeks of giving birth might lead you to believe that modern medicine has made childbearing an easy, routine procedure. Think again.
"He was in for a routine procedure and got out earlier today.
The normally routine procedure of credentialing media organizations received more scrutiny than usual after the conservative group AgendaWise filed suit after being denied floor access last legislative session.