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Breast Cancer Campaign has launched its 'Unlock drugs' campaign to put a spotlight on the fact that there are barriers preventing lifesaving, low-cost drugs from being routinely available.
Mr Downes added: "I don't think routinely arming officers is the answer.
The survey covered some 45,000 firms employing at least 10 routinely employed workers.
Participants were grouped as either routinely discussing disclosure with their clients (n = 144) or not routinely discussing disclosure (n = 81), four were missing responses to the disclosure discussion item.
Once it became possible to determine molecular structures of biologically important molecules routinely and easily, it became possible to relate molecular structures to life processes.
A Department of Health spokeswoman said the JCVI routinely examined the benefits of all new immunisations.
Data on HIV infection in TB patients are not routinely collected in the United Kingdom, but a study in 1993 estimated that at least 7% of TB cases in London were among HIV-positive persons (10).
Keep your plan current and routinely monitor those who are responsible for its success.
To establish probable cause, preliminary investigators should routinely inquire if victims, complainants, and witnesses knew of the presence or use of a video recorder.
Most foundries routinely use 1-2 oz phosphorus copper shot per 100 lb melt to deoxidize red brasses and tin bronzes.
It requires knowing a great deal about each individual customer - and about all the other links in its chain, suppliers as well as competitors - and interacting with them routinely and intensively.
Through experience, it has become generally understood in the tax community that accrual to cash (or hybrid) method change requests are routinely denied.