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Conceptual events have been described as being associated to greater sustainability, some of which are thought to pertain specifically to: implementation (investment of adequate resources; compatibility of the activities with those of the organization); routinization (resource stabilization; risk-taking); or, both implementation and routinization (incentives; adaptation of activities; objectives fit; transparent communication; sharing cultural artifacts) (24).
56) Positions of power and recruitment, such as TM teaching positions and membership on the Global Council, can only be held by those who have been trained to hold them, another key element of the routinization of charisma.
Several studies have elaborated standardization and routinization in all these chains.
This was included to control for the potential impact of the use of physical capital in production on the development of organizational capital, as higher levels of physical capital may make routinization easier.
Referred to in the literature as the 'ossification effect' (57), routinization was also indicated by respondents as another strong dysfunction of IHEAP as noted by other studies (39).
The model chosen (Cooper, Zmud 1990; Gallivan 2001) for comparing the implementation processes in the focus areas consists of six steps: Initiation, Adoption, Adaption, Acceptance, Routinization and Infusion.
It can do so in a way that plans, prepares, and provides cost-effective solutions to the Army and serves as one of the critical regimental integrators through routinization, integration, and the cultivation of relationships.
The effects of exposure to routinization also appear larger for older versus younger workers, though this difference is less precisely estimated," the authors write.
The continuing relevance of Weber's theory can be seen in Rashid Begg's article that explores use of hadith in the routinization process.
7) It has been characterized by a process of policy harmonization with regard to major international bodies (such as the UN and the institutionalized European Political Cooperation of the 1970s) and, ultimately, the G8 as well as a separate process of policy routinization, which is attributable to related dynamics of institutionalization and professionalization.
The routinization of innovation research: A constructively critical review of the state-of-the-science.
On the supply side, the push for greater profits increases the division of labor, the routinization of labor, and mechanization.