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Moore and Slater also say that Rove tried to counter the Bush-as-Dumbo image by planting a story in the National Review listing all the big books that Bush had read.
If anything, Rove is single-minded and, from high school on, where he was a champion debater and self-acknowledged nerd, he lived and breathed politics.
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For the young and young at heart, Rove Hotels define a new niche in the hospitality sector offering reliable, modern, fuss-free, efficient and stable service
That dynamic has resurfaced in the gubernatorial fight between Democrat Wendy Davis and Republican Greg Abbott, with the Davis campaign negatively linking Abbott and Rove to spur fundraising.
On the blackboard, Bart can be seen writing, "I will not concede the election till Karl Rove gives me permission.
Instead of expanding voters, Rove argued that Obama 'suppressed the vote' by demonizing Romney and encouraging people not to vote.
About 4 out of 10 Americans have never heard of Rove or don't know enough about him to have an opinion.
The great conservative narrative that drives this quest for power--the theory of history shared by Karl Rove, George Bush, Grover Norquist, Tom DeLay, Dick Cheney, and all their allies--is the myth of a loss of nerve.
As Joshua Green pointed out in a lengthy profile in The Atlantic, homosexual smears have been a Rove leitmotif.
This week, the press all but forgot about Rove and has focused their energies on the Supreme Court nomination of John Roberts.
The president should also call off the Republican hit squads that are mounting an aggressive defense of Rove.