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REEVE. The name of an ancient English officer of justice, inferior in rank to an alderman.
     2. He was a ministerial officer, appointed to execute process, keep the king's peace, and put the laws in execution. He witnessed all contracts and bargains; brought offenders to justice, and delivered them to punishment; took bail for such as were to appear at the county court, and presided at the court or folcmote[?]. He was also called gerefa.
     3. There were several kinds of reeves as the shire-gerefa, shire-reeve or sheriff; the heh-gerefa, or high-sheriff, tithing-reeve, burgh or borough-reeve.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Having undermined the book, they then used Klein to discredit the entire anti-Hillary genre, much like Rove et.
He founded a political consulting firm, Karl Rove & Company, in Austin, Texas in 1981.
According to Newsweek, Rove did not reveal her name or appear to know she was a secret agent.
A debate-club wonk who won his first campaign--to be president of a Utah high school--in 1968, Rove is a college dropout who went from the College Republicans to a job at the Republican National Committee under George Bush the elder.
The release went on to talk less about Rove's religion and more about his political pedigree.
Within those constraints, both of these books about Rove have at least something to offer.
If anything, Rove is single-minded and, from high school on, where he was a champion debater and self-acknowledged nerd, he lived and breathed politics.
Perhaps Democratic senators--who, unlike Waxman, possess the power to initiate an investigation--ought to consider poking into Rove's finances and, more important, the influence of corporate contributors and lobbyists at the White House.
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On booking a two-night stay, the benefits include daily buffet breakfast, tickets to Reel Cinema or Dubai Ice Rink per person per stay across all hotels under Address Hotels + Resorts, Vida Hotels and Resorts, and Rove Hotels.The 'Romantic Stay' package entails guests to daily buffet breakfast, exclusive in-room welcome amenity and three-course set dinner for two.Olivier Harnisch, chief executive officer of Emaar Hospitality Group, said: "The three packages are designed to delight guests with benefits that meet their requirements.