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The usage I had there was not so dreadful as at first I apprehended; nor was I carried up the country to the emperor's court, as the rest of our men were, but was kept by the captain of the rover as his proper prize, and made his slave, being young and nimble, and fit for his business.
The contending archers took their station in turn, at the bottom of the southern access, the distance between that station and the mark allowing full distance for what was called a shot at rovers.
So the tanner departed joyfully upon his errand, but much more interested in the dun deer of the forest than in any two-legged rovers therein.
or do you sail the seas as rovers with your hand against every man, and every man's hand against you?
Such was the fate of Major Henry Vanderburgh, one of the best and worthiest leaders of the American Fur Company, who by his manly bearing and dauntless courage is said to have made himself universally popular among the bold-hearted rovers of the wilderness.
We could not, in all conscience, have picked out a better day for our regatta had we had the free choice of all the days that ever dawned upon the lonely struggles and solitary agonies of ships since the Norse rovers first steered to the westward against the run of Atlantic waves.
A fathom under the sand; that was literary; it was psychological; it smacked of the salt sea, and daring rovers, and the loot of the Spanish Main.
Yet I will promise you that on our way we shall find time to pass Freshwater and to prevail upon these rovers to leave you in peace.
It is my intention, if it seems good to you, to try a venture against these Norman and Genoese rovers.
By 2005, Land Rover is likely to have a new Defender which will look more sci-fi than agricultural.
The public will officially see for the first time a wide range of new products from MG Rover.
Patent 6,798,907 was awarded to Mi-Co for its invention of a computer system that combines handwriting captured in real-time with pre-existing information, creating a "composite document" and Rover Technology Fusions is proud to be the first to license the software.