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com/printer/articles/69276-exclusive-inside-karl-roves-billionaire-fundraiser) According to Bloomberg Businessweek , Rove was at a Republican National Convention fundraiser when he joked, "We should sink Todd Akin.
I did my investigation, and my article on the Roves ran in all 300 copies of the "Desert Stonewall News" in 2005, where no one commented on it.
Consider perhaps the most telling example of Roves policy input--Bush's 2002 decision to impose tariffs on imported steel.
But Roves career also includes a number of seldom-reported gay moments:
Whereas Clinton's polling data were regularly circulated among the staff, Bush limits his to the handful of senior advisers who attend Roves "strategery meetings.
Allbaugh, on the other hand, was Governor Bush's chief of staff and chief enforcer, and had the "size and the presence" to challenge Roves bare-knuckle partisan political advice.
Rove introduced support for BES 5 with the March launch of Mobile Admin 4.