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org/blogs/thetwo-way/2012/08/31/160376839/businessweek-karl-rove-jokes-about-todd-akins-murder) NPR speculated that nobody at the fundraiser knew a journalist was present in the room, explaining why Rove felt he could go so far with the joke.
I hope one day Karl Rove will appreciate his stepfather as much as the gay community does.
Dick Cheney and Karl Rove could not have found an easier adversary to ignore.
October 1994: Rove is credited with bunching a whisper campaign during the Texas Eubematodal race that then-governor Ann Richards is a lesbiarL Political newbie George W.
Like many in the administration, Steeper was a veteran of the first Bush presidency, and had worked with Rove on campaigns in Illinois and Missouri.
Rove introduced support for BES 5 with the March launch of Mobile Admin 4.