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The story, of how three novice sailors set out in a hired boat to row down the Thames, was based on the author's own honeymoon experiences with two men substituted for his wife.
The row escalated with Stade talking of possible legal action before the flanker put the row down to a misunderstanding.
Write "spoon" in the row below that, and "penny" in the third row down.
On a clean work surface, lay out about 50cm of kitchen foil and spoon the soft butter in a row down the middle.
During a four hour Viking Tour of the River Ruhr guests row down the Ruhr Valley from Essen-Kettwig to ME-lheim an der Ruhr in a replica of an original Viking ship, the "ME-Wi", accompanied by an experienced captain who can show guests the ropes.
In the photograph, Ron is standing second from the left, second row down.
And in the repechage round, the 23-year-old helped the British flagship row down Poland to make tomorrow's semi-final, crossing the line a length up with Belarus third in the last qualifying slot ahead of New Zealand and Italy.
In another shot, Colbert engages in an Esther Williams-esque aquatic ballet with whales, a row down from a woman reading a book to a curious orangutan family.
The rest of us will continue to wonder what exactly the appeal is of watching students row down the Thames, particularly when they are flanked on either side of the river by floppy-haired supporters in Biggles scarves.
SECOND ROW DOWN, LEFT PHOTO: Bob Smith, Hops Extract Corp.
280, mid-page, the figure "4 [[pounds sterling]] 5 [s]" belongs one row down from where it is printed (it is, again, the cost of shipping to Frankfurt); p.
In addition to which, the headrests can be pushed flush with the seat tops so that it isn't necessary to remove them prior to folding the row down.